Decatur Youth Services Programs:
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DYS offers programs that enhance youth development in a variety of areas. Programs are designed to develop character and leadership skills, to provide educational support, and to assist teens in finding employment opportunities. DYS also offers sports programs and special summer programs for Decatur youth. We also offer a program for parents to help strengthen the family unit.

Character Development & Leadership Development

For Boys

Boys-2-Men Mentoring Program

Boys-2-Men is a program designed to help boys become healthy, responsible, motivated, informed, and noble men of character. With this program, boys become emotionally competent, fully responsible men who are assets to their families, communities, and the younger generations who follow them.

For Boys, Ages 11-18 

Coordinator: Mr. Johnny Jones
Phone: 256-274-2294

For Girls

Girls-2-Women Mentoring Program

Girls-2-Women works with middle and high school girls in the community to address low self-esteem, deficiency in academic progression, and sexual relationships prior to marriage. Life skills training, personal grooming, culturally enriching trips / activities, and behavior improvements are some of the avenues used. Girls-2-Women is a positive support system and provides the necessary tools for girls to make informed decisions and positive choices.

For Girls, Grades 6-12

Girls Connected for a Cause (GC4C)

Girls Connected for a Cause (GC4C) was designed to empower girls to create social change by completing projects that tackle issues girls face in their communities. This program gives the young girls the opportunity to become civic leaders and community stewards of tomorrow.

For Girls, Grades 6-12

Coordinator: Ms. Kurtistyne White
Phone: 256-580-0083


After School Program

The After School Program encourages academic excellence and provides effective assistance with homework by placing a strategic focus on the subject areas of concern. The overall mission is to enhance each student’s individual learning experience. In addition to homework assistance, the program also provides ACT prep.

For All Students, Grades 6-12

DYS Mentoring

DYS Mentoring is designed to provide qualified, trained mentors to help develop our children and encourage them to become positive young people. Benefits for participants include: increased high school graduation rates, better attitudes about school, increased college enrollment rates, and more expansive educational aspirations.

For All Students, Grades 6-12

DYS Percussion

The Decatur Youth Services’s percussion ensemble allows middle and high school students to learn and practice percussion skills. Levels range from beginner to advanced. Members are also provided with opportunities to perform throughout the Decatur area.

For All Students, Grades 6-12

Coordinator: Ms. Kurtistyne White
Phone: 256-580-0083

GED/Workforce Development

Decatur Youth Services partners with Calhoun Adult Education to offer FREE GED classes. It is open-enrollment, so that adults can enroll at any time. The Workforce Development was designed to build a pipeline of higher skilled workers to meet business demand and maximize the skills levels and confidence of our youth.

Coordinator: Mr. Enrico Pickett
Phone: 256-309-7603


Youth Employment Program

The Summer Youth Employment Program is designed to assist teens in finding employment year-round, with a special summer program that spans the months June through August. Summer youth employment applications are available in the month of February.

For All Students, Ages 14-15 


Boxing & Judo

Sporting opportunities for children are abundant in Decatur and the surrounding areas of North Alabama. Whenever individuals hear about sporting opportunities, many think of football, baseball, and soccer. The Decatur Youth Services Department goes well beyond the familiar sports that children play with boxing and judo classes. A facility and gym at 703 Wilson Street NW has been the center of the group’s practices.

Coordinator: Ms. Estella Davis
Phone: 256-522-3806

DYS / PALS Basketball

Sponsored by Decatur Youth Services, Parks & Recreation, and Police Department, the PALS Basketball program allows participants to register as individuals or as a team. Applications can be picked up at Decatur Youth Service or Carrie Matthews Recreation Center.  

Coordinator: Mr. Enrico Pickett
Phone: 256-309-7603

DYS Unique B & G Dance Group

Decatur Youth Services offers a free weekly dance class. The class offers an opportunity for our youth to meet new people, make new friends, and boost self-confidence.

For All Students, Ages 5 and Up 

Piano / Keyboarding Classes

Piano/keyboarding classes help the students learn about the joy and discipline needed in order to play the keyboard. Classes are taught by Dr. Reginald Jackson every Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For All Students, Grades 3-12

Coordinator: Ms. Jocelyn Covington
Phone: (256) 341-4692

Twirling / Baton Classes

The twirling/baton program promotes physical fitness and helps fight childhood obesity. It combines dance and gymnastics while manipulating batons or flags. Twirling is a sport that requires grace, coordination, concentration, and strength but is also fun and relaxing.

For All Students, Grades 3-12

Coordinator: Ms. Jocelyn Covington
Phone: (256) 341-4692


Camp Safe Haven

Camp Safe Haven is an exciting summer camp during the months of June and July that is designed with fun, education, and safety in mind. There is a minimum cost of $20 per week to participate. Free lunch is served daily during the camp. Classes will be supervised by adult counselors, with the assistance of junior counselors, at the Carrie Matthews Recreation Center. Registration begins in April, and each week must be paid in advance.

DYS Girls STEAM Summer Program

DYS Girls STEAM program is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics, as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The end results are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process.

It is a girl’s-only, Monday through Thursday six-week camp that begins the first Monday in June.

For Girls, Ages 10-14

Coordinator: Ms. Kurtistyne White
Phone: 256-580-0083


Family Matters

Family Matters is a family-strengthening counseling program that focuses on life skills training as it relates to the overall individual mental health status and family dynamic. The program is held in a group setting.

Coordinator: Marcie & Brandon Watkins

FREE Meal Program

This program ensures that children age 18 and under get a healthy meal every day. Meals are provided throughout the City of Decatur at multiple sites.

Parenthood Initiative Program

The Parenthood Initiative Program is designed to assist non-custodial parents in making developments within the fields of child support payments, job placements, improved family relationships, goal setting, adult vocation, and GED classes. There is an abundance of research that shows a correlation between juvenile delinquency and the absence of both participating parents. This program is focused on bringing absentee parents into the lives of their children.