At Decatur Youth Services, our objectives are:

  • Develop a working relationship with the school system and visit every school in Decatur to familiarize administrators and students with the Youth Services Department, particularly those students who are considered at-risk.
  • Develop a directory of all community groups and agencies that work in the interest of young people and make this directory available to the schools and parents, also visit these organizations to attain a working relationship.
  • Promote community awareness through speaking engagements and the use of the media to enhance publicity concerning available programs for youth.
  • In cooperation with the Housing Authority and the residents, develop effective residential organizations to enhance living conditions for the children by means of training individuals within the community with more efficient parenting skills.
  • Increase community policing efforts in areas of suspected gang activity and high crime prevalence and organize human relations activities between the police and youth.
  • Encourage business and industry to establish Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and increase employment opportunities for youths who have reached the legal age to be employed.
  • Work with business and industry in providing cultural and social skills within their companies.
  • Encourage business and industry to participate in community activities that improve the development and training of our youth.
  • Establish funds to provide support for organizations and programs that motivate youth and persuade our at-risk youths in becoming confident, successful adults.
  • Increase and develop after school programs at recreation centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, and local schools to enhance youth development in a variety of areas such as educational, technical, arts and crafts, recreational, listening and reasoning skills, social skills, etc.
  • Increase the public knowledge of drug awareness programs that educate youth on the prevention and treatment of drug abuse and help establish other programs that deal with all types of drug abuse (not only alcohol) and all abusers — the indigent as well as those who can afford to pay or who are covered by insurance.
  • Challenge adults, such as local college and university students, to work with at-risk youths and become role models and mentors by helping to promote the goals and objectives of this department and contribute in providing our future communities with respectful, civilized adults.