Departments & Contact Information

Emergency Calls:

Main Number:
(256) 341-4600

Tip Line: 
(256) 341-INFO (4636)

For a description of what a particular department handles as well as contact within the department, please click on the department name for more information.

Chief of Police

Nate Allen
(256) 341-4602

Professional Standards

Sgt. Byron Williams
(256) 341-4630

The Office of Professional Standards handles the processing of community reports about Decatur Police Department officers. Personnel in this department are responsible for accepting complaints on officers suspected of alleged misconduct that could violate departmental policies, procedures, or laws. The Office of Professional Standards is also responsible for collecting letters of commendation from community members who elect to report a positive experience they’ve had with an officer.

If you are a member of the community who wishes to report an experience you’ve had with a Decatur Police Department officer, here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. If you want to notify the Decatur Police Department of a complaint, concern, or positive experience, you can file an online report or call the Office of Professional Standards at (256) 341-4645.
  2. Once filed, an investigator will contact you about your report. You will set up an appointment with the investigator and sign your initial statement.
  3. If you choose to make a formal written statement, the investigator will give you the appropriate written complaint forms, which must be completed and signed.
  4. Once you submit the paperwork, an investigation will begin the investigation. The results of that investigation will be reviewed by the Chief of Police.

Please remember that a formal complaint should only be made if you have honest and accurate information. If you knowingly submit false statements, you may be subject to prosecution.

Fill out our feedback form today with your questions, compliments, or complaints. We look forward to hearing from you!

Operations Division

Division Commander:
Capt. Jeremy Hayes

(256) 341-4667

The patrol division provides the first contact between the police department and the citizens of Decatur. Patrol is responsible for responding to calls for service ranging from minor reports to felony crimes in progress. Patrol officers initiate criminal investigations and complete reports to be used by investigators for felony prosecutions. Patrol officers also proactively patrol areas to maintain a visible police presence to reduce the opportunity for criminals to commit crimes.


Shift Commander:
Lt. Chris Moffett

(256) 341-4624


Shift Commander:
Lt. Jim Buchli
(256) 341-4624


Shift Commander:
Lt. Jeff Clem
(256) 341-4654


Shift Commander:
Lt. John Harris
(256) 341-4654

Canine Units (K-9)

Ofc. Julie Reynolds

Ofc. Greg Rutherford

Responsible for evidence searches, tracking of lost children, lost Alzheimer’s patients and criminals, narcotics detection, criminal apprehension and handler protection.

Traffic Unit

Lt. Chris Delgado
(256) 341-4661

The traffic division is responsible for investigating motor vehicle crashes and traffic homicides in the city limits of Decatur. In addition, traffic officers perform motor carrier safety inspections and child safety seat installations. The traffic division also attempts to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes through the use of radar details and safety checkpoints.

Ofc. Cain Bowen
(256) 341-4631

Ofc. Josh Fisher
(256) 341-4631

Ofc. Kevin Lewis
(256) 341-4631

Ofc. Chris Macris
(256) 341-4631

Ofc. Kristian Moody
(256) 341-4631

Ofc. Josh Williams
(256) 341-4631

Ofc. Robbie Willis
(256) 341-4631

Ofc. Matt Young
(256) 341-4631

Criminal Investigation Division (CID)

(256) 341-4650

Division Commander:
Capt. Timothy Pinion

(256) 341-4645

Lt. Justin Lyon
(256) 341-4635

*-Indicates 2nd-shift

Property Crimes Unit (PCU)

Sgt. Donny Betterton
(256) 341-4633

Responsible for investigating felony crimes against property to include burglaries, thefts, arsons, B&E Auto, auto thefts, and criminal mischief cases.

Det. Joshua Heflin
(256) 341-4656

Det. Timothy Jackson
(256) 341-4642

Det. Todd McRae
(256) 341-4611

Det. Justin Rippen
(256) 341-4859

Det. Tony Vest
(256) 341-4637

Financial Crimes Unit (FCU)

Sgt. Donny Betterton
(256) 341-4633

Responsible for fraud and forgery related financial crimes relating to checks, credit cards, identity thefts, embezzlement, commercial thefts involving employees, counterfeiting, and computer crimes.

Det. Michael Ferguson
(256) 341-4669

Det. Sean Mukaddam
(256) 341-4617

Crime Scene Unit (CSU)

Lt. Justin Lyon
(256) 341-4635

Responsible for detection, collection, packaging, transportation, processing, and preservation of evidence relating to felony crimes. The CSU testify in court, instruct classes, attend and photograph autopsies, and maintain equipment in a state of readiness.

Sgt. Timothy Hutchings
(256) 341-4648

Tech Trang Ozbun
(256) 341-4648

Crimes Against Persons & Domestic Violence

*-Indicates 2nd-shift

Family Services Unit

Sgt. Brian Prosser
(256) 341-4842

Responsible for investigating acts as well as threats of physical and emotional violence involving intimate or former partners, relatives, or present or former household members. The DVU assists victims in recognizing immediate and long-term health, social, and economic consequences of remaining in abusive relationships.

Det. Rosslon Jowers
(256) 341-4638

Det. Cole Veazey
(256) 341-4846

Violent Crimes Unit (VCU)

Sgt. Brian Prosser
(256) 341-4842

Responsible for investigating robberies, kidnappings, stalkings, homicides, suicides, escapes, accidental deaths, industrial deaths, felony assaults, missing persons, runaway juveniles, sexual assaults, child molestations, and all firearm discharge- related offenses, including misdemeanors.

Det. Joshua Daniell
(256) 341-4644

Det. Jasmin Ferizovic
(256) 341-4614

Sex Offender Registration & Enforcement

Lt. Justin Lyon
(256) 341-4635

Det. Jordan Pace
(256) 341-4629

Internet Crimes Against Children

Lt. Justin Lyon
(256) 341-4635

Responsible for proactive and reactive investigations and prosecutions of persons involved in child abuse and exploitation involving the I​nternet.

Det. Jodie Fuller
(256) 341-4632

Vice Narcotics Unit

Sgt. Kirk Arrington
(256) 341-4639

Responsible for investigating crimes involving illegal drug, gambling, prostitution, money laundering, and associated type crimes. The unit also runs undercover operations to combat sales of alcohols to minors and murder-for-hire. The unit works closely with state and federally sponsored task forces.

Inv. David Craig
(256) 341-4639

Inv. William Halbrooks
(256) 341-4664

Inv. Allen Rawls
(256) 341-4674

Inv. Brandon Sain
(256) 341-4845

Management Services

Division Commander:
Capt. George Silvestri

(256) 341-4634

The management services division is responsible for all divisions related to school resource officers, safety education, volunteer programs, and other extensions of community-related programs.

Building Security of City Hall

Sgt. Heather Atchley
(256) 341-4601

Crime Analyst

Mary Odhiambo
(256) 341-4593

The Crime Analyst is responsible for maintaining the database of crime statistics for Decatur, analyzing trends and patterns in reported incidents, and completing requested crime reports.

You can view the crime map for the City of Decatur. (Note: You must type in “Decatur, AL” for data points to generate.)

School Resource Officers, Safety Education, Honor Guard

Lt. John Crouch
(256) 341-4641

Homeland Security Unit (HSU), Chaplain, Police Volunteer Programming

The Homeland Security Unit (HSU) is responsible for coordinating efforts of emergency first responders such as law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency medical personnel. These efforts are designed to enhance the department’s ability to prevent, recover, and respond safely and effectively to threats or acts of terrorism.

Safety Education Unit

Sgt. Heather Atchley
(256) 341-4600

The Safety Education Unit is designed to prevent crime by educating citizens and by taking a proactive role in building community partnerships. The officer assigned to the unit maintains and oversees programming for the Police Volunteer Academy, the Explorer Program , and community policing initiatives. Other activities include: establishing and maintaining neighborhood watch programs, acting as support for the School Resource Unit, and hosting crime prevention presentations.

School Resource Officers

Sgt. Jami Jones
(256) 351-7599

Responsible for safety on school campuses and investigation of criminal activity on school campuses.

Ofc. Archuletta
Austinville Elementary School, Woodmeade Elementary School, Frances Nungster Elementary School, Julian Harris Elementary School

Ofc. Berkowitz
Cedar Ridge Middle School & Chestnut Grove Elementary School

Ofc. Jones
Decatur High School & Special Services

Ofc. Ozbolt
Oak Park Middle School & Eastwood Elementary School

Ofc. Schutt
Austin High School

Ofc. Smiley
Brookhaven Middle School, Somerville Road Elementary School, West Decatur Elementary School

Ofc. Sutherlin
Ben Davis Elementary School, Leon Sheffield Magnet Elementary School, Banks-Caddell Elementary School, Walter Jackson Elementary School

Administration Division

Division Commander:
Captain Rick Archer
(256) 341-4647

Public Information Liaison
Irene Cardenas-Martinez
(256) 341-4653
Records Department

Dermietrice Birdsong
(256) 341-4622

The records department organizes and maintains police reports and records, including incident/offense reports and traffic crash reports.

Training Department

Lt. Jon Sharp

(256) 341-4646

Water Response Unit

The primary goal of Waterborne Response Unit is to provide service in conjunction with federal,
state, and local agencies to maintain the free flow of commerce and produce a safe, secure
environment that promotes uninterrupted maritime operations.

All inmates are booked and held at the Morgan County Jail.