City Clerk Downloads

Public Records Requests

Requests for information pertaining to public records may be filed with the City Clerk-Treasurer. The forms must be completed and signed. Requests for public records will be processed in a timely manner. There will be a charge of $.50 per page for copies of public records. If research or compilation is required, the hourly rate will be the salary of the lowest paid staff member possessing the access and experience necessary to assemble the information.

Requests may be submitted via email.

Yard Sale Permits

Yard sale permits for yard sales are issued in the City Clerk’s Office. Each resident is permitted by ordinance to have two sales per year. Each sale can last up to three (3) days.

Permits must be submitted with a written plan detailing the implementation of social distancing guidelines, as outlined by the Alabama Department of Public Health and CDC.

Alcohol Sales Ordinance

Details on Decatur’s alcohol sales ordinance .
Details on Decatur in Limestone County’s alcohol sales ordinance .