Utility Services


Decatur Utilities Phone:
(256) 552-1400

Joe Wheeler Electric Membership Corp.
East Morgan Office Phone:
(256) 778-9303

Hartselle Office Phone:
(256) 773-2515

Moulton Office Phone:
(256) 974-0631

Decatur Utilities is located in Decatur, Alabama and is a municipal utility owned by the City of Decatur. Decatur Utilities (DU) is the operating name of the Municipal Utilities Board of Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama. The Board was created by Local Act No. 89 of the Alabama Legislature in 1939. Decatur Utilities has 165 employees working to achieve our vision of being your “supplier of choice” for utility services.

Household Garbage and Trash

Street & Environmental Services Department Phone:
(256) 341-4740

The Decatur Street & Environmental Services Department provides household garbage pickup once a week through the Sanitation Department. There is a monthly fee included on the Decatur Utilities electric bill. Garbage should be placed in carts provided by the City. Bulky trash such as boxes, discarded appliances, and limbs are generally picked up on same day and in the same location as garbage but on a two-week schedule. There are, however, a few areas where garbage collection is on the street but trash is picked up at the alley. It is illegal to burn trash and leaves within the city limits.

The Solid Waste Department also provides service to some small businesses which meet location and quantity requirements. Businesses which generate larger volumes of solid waste are required to contract their needs with a private waste hauler. Call Street & Environmental Services for more information at (256) 341-4740.

Commercial & Residential Garbage Rates


The Recycling Department oversees all recycling programs and household chemical collection in the City of Decatur. Recycling carts are provided by the City to collect magazines, newspapers, office paper and bulk mail, paperboard boxes, corrugated cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles.