Schedule of Fines & Costs

Attention:  Effective July 1, 2021, or after, please be advised that traffic offenses committed in a construction zone shall require a mandatory court appearance.

Municipal Violations

Allowing Child under 16yrs old to operate motor vehicle $50.00 $195.00 $245.00
Bicycle - no lamps or reflectors $20.00$195.00$215.00
Blocking Highway$30.00$195.00$225.00
Casting a Light from a public road (nuisance spotlighting)$100.00$195.00$295.00
Clinging to vehicle$20.00$195.00$215.00
Crossing a fire hose$50.00$195.00$245.00
Disobeying traffic control devices (controlled-access highway)$20.00$195.00$215.00
Driving on beach or sand dune$100.00$195.00$295.00
Driving on wrong side of road$30.00$195.00$225.00
Driving through or around a barricade/fence/warning sign/detour sign$20.00$195.00$215.00
Driving under the minimum speed$20.00$195.00$215.00
Driving up on sidewalk$20.00$195.00$215.00
Driving with vision obscured$20.00$195.00$215.00
Entering highway closed by state trooper$20.00$195.00$215.00
Expired License$20.00$245.00$265.00
Expired Tag$20.00$195.00$215.00
Failure to affix tinting-compliance label$20.00$195.00$215.00
Failure to dim headlights$10.00$195.00$205.00
Failure to display flare or warning devices$20.00$195.00$215.00
Failure to exercise care$20.00$195.00$215.00
Failure to move over or reduce speed when approaching enforcement or emergency vehicles (Move Over Law Violation)$50.00$195.00$245.00
Failure to move to the right upon approach of emergency vehicle$50.00$195.00$245.00
Failure to obey pedestrian-control signals$20.00$195.00$215.00
Failure to obey the instructions of any official traffic-control device$20.00$195.00$215.00
Failure to stop at railroad crossing$10.00$195.00$205.00
Failure to stop when emerging from alley, driveway or building$20.00$195.00$215.00
Failure to use child restraint (Child Restraint Violation)$25.00$195.00$220.00
Failure to wear safety belt (Seatbelt Violation)$25.00$–$25.00
Failure to yield right-of-way$20.00$195.00$215.00
Failure to yield to emergency vehicle$50.00$195.00$245.00
Following emergency vehicle$50.00$195.00$245.00
Following too closely$20.00$195.00$215.00
Impeding the flow of traffic$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper access to controlled-access roadway$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper backing$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper brakes$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper horn$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper lane change$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper lane usage$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper length/width of a motor bus$100.00$195.00$295.00
Improper lights$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper motorcycle operation$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper muffler$10.00$195.00$205.00
Improper or no rearview mirror$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper passing$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper passing on a motorcycle$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper riding of a bicycle on a roadway$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper signal$10.00$195.00$205.00
Improper stopping or parking on or in highway (general)$30.00$195.00$225.00
Improper stopping, standing or parking in specified places$30.00$195.00$225.00
Improper stopping, standing or parking outside of business or residence$30.00$195.00$225.00
Improper tag$25.00$195.00$220.00
Improper tag classification$25.00$195.00$220.00
Improper tires$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper turn$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improper use of clearly indicated divided highway$30.00$195.00$225.00
Improper window tinting (*only first offenses may be paid prior to court)$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improperly driving over the center line of a four-lane roadway$20.00$195.00$215.00
Improperly opening and closing vehicle doors$20.00$195.00$215.00
Insurance - allowing the operation of a vehicle without insurance$50.00$195.00$245.00
Insurance - display of invalid insurance$50.00$195.00$245.00
Insurance - failure or refusal to display$50.00$195.00$245.00
Insurance - operating a vehicle the registration of which is suspended$50.00$195.00$245.00
Insurance - operating a vehicle without insurance$50.00$195.00$245.00
Littering highway$100.00$195.00$295.00
Making a U-turn$20.00$195.00$215.00
Motorcycle - no shoes$10.00$195.00$205.00
No CD license$100.00$195.00$295.00
No flag, flares or other warning devices$20.00$195.00$215.00
No helmet (motorcycle rider)$10.00$195.00$205.00
No motorcycle endorsement$20.00$195.00$215.00
No permit (oversized width, height, length)$100.00$195.00$295.00
No plainy visible tag$50.00$195.00$245.00
No red or orange flag or red light or amber strobe$20.00$195.00$215.00
No reflect device on slow-moving vehicles$20.00$195.00$215.00
No reflectors on tractor$20.00$195.00$215.00
Obstructing driver's view$20.00$195.00$215.00
Operating a motor vehicle without a driver's license$25.00$245.00$270.00
Overweight/overheight/overlength truck$100.00$195.00$295.00
Parking more than 18 inches from curb$30.00$195.00$225.00
Pedestrian entering or remaining on bridge or railroad crossing$20.00$195.00$215.00
Pedestrian on highway$10.00$195.00$205.00
Pedestrians not yielding to authorized emergency vehicles$10.00$195.00$205.00
Refusal to weigh$300.00$195.00$495.00
Riding in house trailer$20.00$195.00$215.00
Running red light$20.00$195.00$215.00
Running stop sign$20.00$195.00$215.00
Shifting Load$25.00$195.00$220.00
Slowing or stopping without a proper signal$20.00$195.00$215.00
— Less than 25 mph over posted limit
— 25 mph or more over posted limit
Speeding in a construction zone:
— Less than 25 mph over posted limit
— 25 mph or more over posted limit
Speed - exceeding reasonable and prudent$20.00$195.00$215.00
Spilling Load$25.00$195.00$220.00
Stopping on highway$30.00$195.00$225.00
Switched personalized license plates$100.00$195.00$295.00
Texting while driving$25.00$195.00$220.00
Towing or hauling a disabled vehicle$50.00$195.00$245.00
Unattended motor vehicle$25.00$195.00$215.00
Unloading logs, lumber, etc. on or near highway$25.00$195.00$220.00
Violating driver's license restriction or endorsement$10.00$245.00$255.00
Violating oversized-load permit$100.00$195.00$295.00

Commercial Vehicle Violations

Failing to equip vehicle with required lights & reflectors393.11$245.00
Failing to equip vehicle with turn signals393.19 (a)$245.00
Failing to equip bus, truck, or truck tractor with two headlamps393.24 (b)$220.00
Failing to equip vehicle with operative store lamps393.25 (f)$220.00
Failing to cover storage battery393.3$245.00
Failing to place electrical wires properly393.33$220.00
Failing to equip vehicle with required brakes393.42 (a)$220.00
Failing to secure brake hose or tubing against chafing, kinking, or other mechanical damage393.45 (a) (4)$220.00
Failing to prevent leaks, constrictions or other defects in brake hose or tubing connections393.46 (b)$220.00
Failing to equip vehicle with adequate brake linings393.47$220.00
Failing to equip vehicle with operative brakes (i.e., devices to use when brakes do not work)393.48 (b)$245.00
Failing to equip brake system w/warning device393.51 (a)$220.00
Failing to have proper breaking force393.52 (a) (1)$245.00
Failing to conform to glazing windshield requirements393.60 (a)$245.00
Failing to place fuel system in right place393.65 (b)$245.00
Failing to securely attach fuel tank to motor vehicle393.65 (c)$245.00
Failing to equip fuel tank with securely fitted cap393.67 (c) (1) (iii)$220.00
Failing to equip vehicle with fuel tank free of leaks393.67 (d) (2)$245.00
Failing to mount lower half of fifth wheel securely on a truck tractor or converter dolly393.70 (b) (1) (i)$245.00
Failing to mount upper half of fifth wheel securely on truck tractor or converter dolly393.70 (b) (1) (ii)$245.00
Failing to place proper tires on vehicle393.75 (a)$245.00
Failing to place proper windshield wipers on vehicle393.78 (a)$245.00
Failing to place proper rearview mirrors on vehicle393.80 (a) $245.00
Operating vehicle with improperly located exhaust system393.83 (a)$245.00
Gasoline-powered bus with exhaust discharging more than 6" forward of the rearmost part of the bus393.83 (c)$245.00
Diesel-powered bus with exhaust discharging more than 15" forward of the rearmost part of the bus393.83 (d) (1)$245.00
Truck or truck-tractor with exhaust not discharging at rear of cab393.83 (e)$245.00
Failing to install bumpers or devices for rear end protection393.86 (a)$245.00
Failing to place red flag on projecting loads393.87$245.00
Failing to post emergency door signs in bus393.92$220.00
Failing to equip vehicle with seat belt for driver (buses)393.93 (a) (1)$220.00
Failing to equip vehicle with seat belt for driver (trucks/truck trailers)393.93 (b) (1)$220.00
Failing to equip vehicle with emergency equipment393.95 (a)$245.00
Failing to secure cargo properly393.100 (a)$245.00
Failing to provide header board for vehicle 393.106 (a) (1)$220.00
Offering, transporting, transferring or delivering hazardous waste without proper manifest172.205 (a)$395.00
Failing to have hazardous waste manifest copy dated and signed by carrier and shipper172.205 (c)$345.00
Failing to display ID number on placard in conformance with requirements172.332 (a)$345.00
Failing to display orange ID panel in conformance with requirements172.332 (b)$345.00
Failing to properly display ID number for hazardous class not requiring placards172.362 (b)$395.00
Placarding a vehicle that is not transporting a hazardous material172.502 (a) (1)$245.00
Transporting hazardous material in unauthorized cargo tank173.33 (a) (1)$695.00
Transporting or accepting shipment of hazardous material not in proper condition for transportation177.801$695.00
Transporting shipment of hazardous material without properly prepared shipping paper177.817 (a)$345.00
Failing to maintain proper accessibilty of shipping papers177.817 (c)$345.00
Failing to placard motor vehicle177.823 (a)$295.00
Transporting unauthorized hazardous material in a passenger-carrying vehicle177.870 (b)$695.00
Using driver without current valid operator's license/permit391.11 (b) (5)$295.00
Failure of driver to possess medical examiner's certificate391.41 (a)$220.00
Driver operating vehicle while ill or fatigued392.3$245.00
Driver operating vehicle with an unsafe load392.9 (a) (1)$245.00
Driver operating vehicle without caution during bad weather392.14$245.00
Driver failing to use seat belt392.16$220.00
Transporting unauthorized passengers392.60 (a)$220.00
Requiring or permitting driver to drive more than 10hrs following 8 consecutive hours off duty395.3 (a) (1)$295.00
Requiring or permitting driver to drive after having been on duty 15hrs following 8 consecutive hrs off duty395.3 (a) (2)$295.00
Driving after having been on duty 60 hrs in 7 consecutive days395.3 (b) (1)$295.00
Driving after having been on duty 70 hrs in 8 consecutive days395.3 (b) (2)$295.00
Driver's record of duty status required395.8 (a)$245.00

Parking Citations

Abandoned Vehicle$25.00$-$25.00
Blocking a Driveway$25.00$-$25.00
Double Parked$25.00$-$25.00
Fire Hydrant$100.00$-$100.00
Fire Lane$100.00$-$100.00
Handicapped Zone$100.00$-$100.00
Prohibited Parking Area$25.00$-$25.00
Reverse Parked$25.00$-$25.00
Sidewalk Parking$25.00$-$25.00
Truck in Residential Area$25.00$-$25.00
Yellow Curb$25.00$-$25.00
18+ inches from the curb$25.00$-$25.00