Engineering Department

Carl Prewitt, Engineering Department

City Engineer:
Carl Prewitt

Contact Personnel:

Civil Engineer:
Courtney Johnson

Administrative Assistant:
Gloria Robertson

Construction Inspector:
Ralph Donnelly

Traffic Signs & Markings Manager:
Cedric McNeill

Department Phone:
(256) 341-4875

Office Address:
1802 Central Parkway SW
Building 4
Decatur, AL 35601

Office Hours:
7:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Monday – Friday

Department Functions / Responsibilities:

  • To assist the public with drainage questions and/or problems.
  • Inspection and final acceptance of new subdivision construction.
  • Manage road/drainage capital projects.
  • Manage street repaving and curb cuts.
  • Coordinate installation of speed humps.
  • Routine maintenance of traffic signs and markings.

Drainage Problems

Routine maintenance issues such as blocked drainage inlets should be brought to the attention of the Street & Environmental Service Department (256-341-4740). Drainage concerns should be referred to the City Engineer’s Office or by filling out the Engineering Concern Form.

The department will inspect the complaint and either coordinate with the Street & Environmental Services Department to resolve the issue or add to the list of capital projects.

Contact Person: Carl Prewitt (256) 341-4878

Final Acceptance of New Subdivision Construction

The procedure for final acceptance of new subdivision construction are as follows:

  1. After a subdivision has been approved by the Planning Commission and construction has begun, the following inspection schedule should be used. The City Engineer or his representative shall be present to observe the existing conditions:
    • After completion of subgrade
    • After installation of first layer of base with curb & gutter.
    • After installation of second layer of base.
    • After installation of binder course.
  2. When the owner’s engineer has ascertained that all construction has been completed in accord with plans approved for subdivision construction, he will request final inspection by the City Engineer. The owner’s engineer will furnish composite record of inspection and testing to the City Engineer at time of request for final inspection.
  3. The City Engineer will perform final inspection of streets, storm drainage and site grading, accompanied by the owner’s engineer and contractor’s representative. He will concur with approval of the streets, storm drainage and site grading, or state the remaining requirements. He will perform reinspections as necessary.
  4. The City Engineer will coordinate with all Utilities Departments to ascertain that utilities are complete, serviceable, and acceptable to the respective departments.
  5. The City Engineer will then coordinate installation of street signs and traffic control devices with Decatur Police Department, Traffic Division.
  6. A maintenance bond in the amount and duration as described in Section VII Plats and Data, paragraph C.4. of the Subdivision Regulations of the City of Decatur shall be submitted to the City Engineer.
  7. After completion of all above described prerequisites, the City Engineer will recommend and the City Council will accept by resolution, in regular or called meetings, the streets, storm drainage, site grading and utilities for public use and maintenance by the City of Decatur.

Street Repaving

Potholes should be reported to the Street & Environmental Services (256-341-4740). Streets that need repaving should be brought to the attention of the City Engineer’s Office by calling or completing the Engineering Concern Form. The department will inspect the street and add to the list for repaving if warranted.

Curb Cuts

Persons wishing to cut or break the curb for driveways, entrances, exits, etc., must obtain permission from the Engineering Department.
Reference: Section 25-5, CODE OF DECATUR

Speed Humps

Speed hump requests should be submitted in writing or by completing the Engineering Concern Form to the Engineering Department for review. Once traffic count and speed count is completed by the Police Department, the Engineer will either recommend or reject the installation of speed humps. If recommended, the resident will be responsible to get a petition signed by his/her neighbors with 75% approval. Once the petition is received, the Engineering Department will send the request to the Street & Environmental Services Department for installation.

Traffic Signs & Markings

To report downed signs or low visibility striping, contact the Traffic Signs & Markings manager (256-341-4662) or by filling out the Engineering Concern Form.