Report Animal Cruelty

Animal Control:
(256) 341-4790

Decatur Animal Services is committed to preventing cruelty to animals through education and enforcement. Cruelty refers to the treatment which causes unacceptable suffering or harm to animals in the form of deliberate or unintended abuse or neglect. Report suspected animal abuse or neglect to (256) 341-4790.

Cruelty may range from no or inadequate shelter, to insufficient food and water, to poor physical condition, to puppy mills and dog fighting. If you wish to report potential cruelty, please supply the description of the animal and residence with a street number and section of the city. Please do not provide food, water or veterinary care before the cruelty officer can investigate as that may prevent charges of cruelty from being filed. Make sure the officer can view the situation as you saw it, and then arrange to help the animal(s).