City of Decatur Ordinance 14-16 (61)

Jul 2, 2021
What is City of Decatur Ordinance 14-16 (61)?
Ordinance 14-16 (Line 61) defines the rental / leasing privilege license. If you conduct business in the City of Decatur by renting / leasing real or personal property (like commercial buildings, apartments, automobiles, trucks, equipment, or furniture) you are required to have a business license.
Payment Amount
The licensed amount is based on gross ANNUAL receipts. For example, John owns a commercial property and charges $1,000/month to Jane who owns Business ABC. If Jane pays $1,000 for 12 months, John has $12,000 in annual receipts. Per the fee schedule link, this would equate to a $125 license fee, plus a $12 issuance fee.
Will we retroactively seek previous years’ business licenses? No.
Is this a new ordinance? No, this was originally adopted in December 1999 and went into effect in January 2000.
I need more information. Where do I go? You can call our Revenue Department at (256) 341- 4542. There’s also a link to electronically fill out a business license application on our website.
Read the Ordinance & Fee Schedule:
Electronic Application for Business License:
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