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Commercial & Residential Permits issued December 2022

Company NamePhone1Issued DateValuationPermit#AddressDescription
Morris General Contractors LLC256 227 74892022-12-15675,000.0022-0037432008 Brookmanor Dr Se Master suite and garage addition with interior remodel.
Pressnell Construction LLC256 309 76522022-12-0140,000.0022-0038953303 Heatherwood Pl Sw Bathroom Remodels, adding bathroom in attic space; toilet, shower, vanity. One bathroom keeps same footprint, just replacing the fixtures.
256 318 50912022-12-0131,000.0022-0039022005 Harrison St Se Interior & Exterior repairs & renovations
RBM Homes251 609 03632022-12-19365,000.0022-0039383437 South Chapel Hill Rd Sw Construct new 2 story residence with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and attached garage.
213 321 41422022-12-061,500.0022-0039591807 Stratford Rd Se remodel closet to add bathroom
Bama Group256 773 83252022-12-13139,000.0022-003961441 Catalina Pl SW Construct new 1 story residence with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and attached garage.
Bama Group256 773 83252022-12-13142,000.0022-003962437 Catalina Pl SW Construct new 1 story residence with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and attached garage.
256 426 17722022-12-0715,000.0022-003976309 Church St Ne Interior remodel only
Eagle Steel Buildings Inc256 350 96922022-12-0715,000.0022-003977941 Lamar St Sw Build new garage/existing concrete driveway
256 353 80002022-12-0960,000.0022-0039952505 Chapel Hill Rd Sw 2505 Chapel Hill Rd SW-Renovations
318 491 02112022-12-1460,000.0022-004042816 5th Ave Se 816 5th Ave SE- remodel/interior & exterior
2022-12-1410,001.0022-0040542620 Old Moulton Remodeling, flooring, paint, plumbing, electric
Stillwater Build LLC256 343 84182022-12-166,600.0022-004073114 Daniel St Sw 114 Daniel St SW- remove wall
256 345 25732022-12-1622,000.0022-0040772102 Woodmont Dr Se Build attached 18x20 covered patio on house
Modern Build, LLC501 835 33732022-12-16317,264.0022-0025782127 6th Ave SE Ste 3 Interior tenant finish out in first generation shell building into a Tropical Smoothie Cafe of 1933 S.F. with drive thru.
Fite Construction Company, LLC256 353 57592022-12-0512,466,264.0022-0034363001 Mallard Fox Dr Nw Phase 2: Includes Architectural. Above ground MEP, metal stud framing, railings, casework, insulated metal panels, caulking, doors & hardware, overhead doors & dock equipment, glass & glazing, drywall & acoustical ceilings, flooring, painting, access floo
Pierce & Allred Construction931 242 86342022-12-1352,000.0022-0035451419 Glenn St SW Ste 202 Buildout for retail space. Metal framing, drywall, acoustical ceilings, bathroom, electrical panels and plumbing.
Pierce & Allred Construction931 242 86342022-12-1280,600.0022-0035471419 Glenn St SW Ste 204 Buildout for retail space. Metal framing, drywall, acoustical ceilings, bathroom, electrical panels and plumbing.
1st M-Pressions Home Remodeling LLC256 348 63742022-12-0149,800.0022-0036381315 6th Ave Se Modifications & Renovations: redo flooring, painting entire store, beer cave, counter and shelves
Turner Construction Company256 461 67002022-12-0158,835,984.0022-0036601001 Red Hat Rd Construction of ULA Warehouses (approx 292,141 sf) conventionally framed & PEMB construction for B & S-1 Occupancies. Building will include office & conference support spaces & store materials received & finished goods in the Receiving & Finished Goods Wa
Tucker Contracting256 303 12222022-12-20225,000.0022-0037102598 Beltline Rd SW ***See BF Note*** Make necessary improvements to the property. Construct a small office and 35 dry storage units.
Dunlap Contracting, Inc256 883 71342022-12-061,155,000.0022-0037322916 Danville Rd Sw Phase 1: Site Package Only - Site clearing and prep for office building. Civil work to include grading, strom drainage, curbs & gutters.
Turner Construction Company256 461 67002022-12-0179,260,943.0022-0038901001 Red Hat Rd Construction of Beyond Gravity (approx 258,971 sf) conventionally framed Pre-engineered Metal Building (PEMB) for F-1, B & S-1 Occupancies. Building will manufacture large carbon composite structures for launch vehicles, store related raw & in process ma
Pierce & Allred Construction931 242 86342022-12-16423,500.0022-00394223366 Bibb Garrett Rd NE Adding a demising wall, 2 restrooms and an IT Room. Changing out lights and adding new sprinkler heads.
Constructive Project Solutions LLC256 783 22272022-12-0765,000.0022-0039781682 Beltline Rd SW Unit C Selective interior demo (Renovation). Five D Contractors is no longer GC. This permit is for balance of work.
J B & L LLC256 340 08252022-12-0135,995.0022-003899524 Lafayette NE Demo & dispose of both structures on site. Remove concrete slab and backfill basement to subgrade
251 643 47952022-12-023,000.0022-0039171600 Beltline Rd Sw 1600 Beltline Road SW Remove partion wall for Cricket Wireless.
Building Construction Associates Inc256 351 23222022-12-0630,000.0022-0039522026 6th Ave Se demo interior non load bearing demising walls to make way for new construction
Drywall Pro & Construction256 497 95582022-12-0949,460.0022-0039991242 Beltline Rd SW Install siding on buildings 1-8
Hernandez Universal Construction256 214 27842022-12-1230,000.0022-004019125 Austinville Rd Sw Replacing the EPDM roof with 60 mil TPO. Approximately 3000 sqft
Larry Marshall dba Marshall Construction/Clara's Construction256 350 04182022-12-137,800.0022-004030218 Cedar Lake Rd SW Wheel Chair Ramp 34 x 34
Guaranty Roofing Co256 784 64662022-12-199,990.0022-0040861313 Clarkview St Sw Install new TPO roof.
Roman's Construction256 221 62302022-12-017,500.0022-0038891401 Kathy Ln Sw 1401 Kathy Ln SW-roofing changing to metal
256 777 08892022-12-01800.0022-0038961601 10th Ave Se Demo garage because to close to back porch applicant states there is not any utilities.
River City Roofing Solutions Inc256 274 85302022-12-015,300.0022-0038982010 Harrison St Se remove and replace 19 sq. felt
Rodriguez Roofing & Remodeling256 221 17022022-12-019,500.0022-0039032002 Park St Se Framing 14x18 covered porch
River City Roofing Solutions Inc256 274 85302022-12-0516,028.0022-0039262214 Galahad Dr Sw remove and replace 48 sq. felt
Yellowhammer Roofing256 232 19332022-12-0517,370.0022-0039331708 Camden Cir Sw roof replacement
256 341 85802022-12-064,000.0022-003953678 S Bethel Rd 678 S Bethel Rd -24 x 24 pole barn
Bullard Roofing Inc205 446 11142022-12-0713,000.0022-0039631211 Skyview St Sw Reroof shingles & felt 30sq's
River City Roofing Solutions Inc256 274 85302022-12-0712,500.0022-0039732117 Harrison St remove and replace 24 sq. felt
River City Roofing Solutions Inc256 274 85302022-12-0717,114.0022-0039791007 Worton Grange Pl Sw remove and replace 49 sq. felt
AMVE Construction LLC256 345 19062022-12-095,000.0022-003998215 8th Ave Sw 215 8th Ave SW- new windows
Mike Jones Roofing & Repair256 350 02492022-12-124,800.0022-0040091913 W Brownstone Ct Sw TO and replace 16sq, 30yr shingles and felt
256 777 08892022-12-143,800.0022-0040491601 10th Ave Se 1601 10th Ave SE-detached garage 20 x26
B & B Roofing Company256 355 78262022-12-1414,725.0022-0040531612 Stratford Rd Se Replace shingle & Felt 32 sq's
Sharp Roofing and Construction256 348 98912022-12-151,500.0022-0040552229 Essex Dr Sw Shingle roofr repair at chimney
Exon Williams Contractors256 637 98962022-12-1510,001.0022-0040582310 Almon Way Sw Reroof & refelt 50 sq's
THD @ Home Services DBA Home Depot615 761 55012022-12-1510,767.0022-0040601202 Donna Ave Se 1202 Donna Ave SE- replace 10 windows
THD @ Home Services DBA Home Depot615 761 55012022-12-1510,860.0022-004061207 Brookhaven St Sw 207 Brookhaven St SW- replace 10 windows
256 274 29982022-12-1515,000.0022-0040621013 Routon Dr Sw 1013 Routon Dr SW- 24 x 30 detached garage
Roman's Roofing Inc256 566 69942022-12-1615,250.0022-0040652510 Jarvis St Sw Remove & Replace 42 sq's shingles Install ice & water shield new architectual shingles
River City Roofing Solutions Inc256 274 85302022-12-167,471.0022-0040802420 Brookline Ct Sw remove and replace 19 sq. felt
Champion Window Co of Huntsville LLC256 274 42782022-12-166,207.0022-0040811506 Oak Lea Rd Sw R&R 4 existing windows with no structural change.
Guaranty Roofing Co256 784 64662022-12-197,310.0022-004084851 Johnston St Se Install new shingle roof.
Guaranty Roofing Co256 784 64662022-12-198,980.0022-0040851312 8th Ave Se Install new shingle roof.
Burnett Roofing & Const Co256 350 77202022-12-204,921.0022-004105420 Denver Pl Sw R&R 30 year architectural shingle including felt. 15 square
Priceville Contractors Inc256 355 85412022-12-206,800.0022-004113402 10th Ave Sw 402 10th Ave SW- UB!!! Demo
River City Roofing Solutions Inc256 274 85302022-12-214,398.0022-0041203123 Navaho Dr Se Repair 5 sq felt and shingles
River City Roofing Solutions Inc256 274 85302022-12-2112,750.0022-0041242214 River Bend Ct Se remove and replace 34 sq. felt
River City Roofing Solutions Inc256 274 85302022-12-2126,841.0022-0041251050 Jackson St Se remove and replace 40 sq. felt
Windows USA800 272 20852022-12-276,800.0022-004146601 Holland Dr Sw Pocket Replacement Windows
Teaven & Sons Excavation LLC256 278 98032022-12-291,600.0022-0041614705 Joe Davis Dr Sw 4705 Joe Davis Dr- install ftgs for Man. House
2022-12-293,000.0022-0041631813 Wadsworth St Se Residential-close in existing covered porch, repair roof above front porch
Yellowhammer Roofing256 232 19332022-12-2919,700.0022-0041642113 Woodmont Dr Se roof replacement
THD @ Home Services DBA Home Depot615 761 55012022-12-309,494.0022-004169806 Longbow Dr Sw Window Replacements, same size as existing